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Добавлено Leonard ( on Декабря 20, 2005 at 05:31:50:

В ответ на: Re: Samovar Literature Добавлено Yakhin Halit A. on Декабря 19, 2005 at 10:52:20:

The only samovar book fully in English is Mehmet Israfil's volume entitled SAMOVARS: The Art of the Russian Metalworkers. You can purchase a copy at As far as I know, it does not have color photos.

However, the books listed by Mr. Yakhin, do have some english descriptions; and all have wonderful color photographs.

: Hallo Mr. Malone!
: Unfortunately I don't know any sample of samovar literature in English, the only thing I can do for you to show a list of samovar literature in Russian :
: 1. Русские самовары, «Художник РСФСР», Ленинград, 1971, автор текста и составитель альбома Е.А.Иванова.
: 2. Тульский самовар, Тула, Приокское книжное издательство, 1989, автор текста А.С.Тихонова.
: 3. Русский самовар, Москва, «Советская Россия, 1991, автор-составитель А.А. Гилодо.
: 4. Герб Фрайкопф. Русские самовары. ICAR. 1996.
: I have a chance to continue E-mail correspondence contact with two American serious collectors of samovars. May be it's reasonable to introduce you with them (if they'll support that idea)?
: I'll be waiting for your reply by E-mail.
: That's all.
: Good bye.
: See for your letter...
: Yours faithfully,
: Yakhin Halit A.

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