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Добавлено Yakhin H.A. ( on Августа 18, 2005 at 16:00:55:

В ответ на: about samovars Добавлено Aziz on Августа 18, 2005 at 00:58:26:

Hallo Aziz!
That is very nice surprise to know that even in Morocco you can find Russian samovars.
Your samovar is for 24 litres of water capacity. In Russia such large samovars are called as “pub” or “tavern” samovars because of the fact that such samovars can serve lots of people by hot water. Twenty stamps with human figures (heads) means that the samovar manufacturer received ten medals for exposing such kind of samovars at different trade exhibitions during several years – you have mentioned “1902,1903,1905,1907and so on”. Often samovar manufacturers doubled stamps of medals without any motivation – simply in order to increase total selling quantity of samovars. Sometimes samovar manufacturers endowed big sums of money to trade exhibition committee in the purpose to obtain an extra medal.
In tsar time such samovar was expensive because at that time all samovars were sold by weight method (not design and form of samovar or difficulties of producing). A samovar like yours could cost about ten excellent horses or approximately fifteen young in good health with good taste of milk caws (as to my own and private opinion).
So it’s difficult to determine the exact date of your samovar production within period of last date at the stamp of medal (1907) and 1917 – October revolution in Russia. After revolution USSR was producing such type of samovars but (of course) without stamps of medals.
Now in Moscow a samovar like yours in good condition may cost more than 1000-1500$.
That is all I can tell you about your samovar.
I wish you obtain much more pleasure by your samovar usage.
Yours faithfully,
Yakhin Halit Akhmed - (Haled – in arabian correct writing)

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