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Добавлено Aziz ( on Августа 18, 2005 at 00:58:26:

Dear Sir,I am Aziz from Morocco(north africa).i visited your website about Russian samovars ,it was
interesting.Iwould like to tell you about a samovar
i have in my home,it belonged to my grandfather.I was told he bought it in the mid fourties.Our ancesters, especially in the countryside, used to use samovars for preparing tea in big occasions such as mariages or when receiving some important guests.This samovar looks almost like the samovar number 77 in your gallery.it is made of bright yellow brass ,it has many stamps carved on its body about 20 or more ,they are put in symmetrical order some of theses stamps show human figures maybe of kings or emperers like pieces of money,and the writing is in Russian characters ,beneath them you see some dates:1902,1903,1905,1907and so on.between these stamps at the very middle you see a kind of cross like the one we decorate soldiers with(carved).
I would like to know about the real value of this samovar and the significance of these stamps and dates which cover the samovar's body and part of its upper side and thank you very much.
yours sincerely.

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