Re: Samovars of A. Kach.

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Добавлено Yakhin Halit F. ( on Августа 06, 2004 at 02:27:50:

В ответ на: Samovars Добавлено Sheldon H Luskin on Августа 05, 2004 at 20:49:34:

Hallo Mr. Sheldon!
Thanks for your pleasant words about my collection. You are the second collectioner from USA (the first - was Mr.Leonard Griver from LA), who also was very interesned to gain some information according Alexander Kach's samovars. I have three Alexander Kach's samovars in collection - numbers -23, 93 and 97. All of them have the same master"s stamp as: " in a circle - Crown - under it two letters - AK ", to the right - A imprint of a man's head in a circle, next to the right - another circle with two letters - "G.P.", and the last circle with the same man's head. Also, I suppose that both your samovars are manufactured with usage German-silver, not brass as you've thought. German-silver as other metals very often was silver plated espesially in samovar production. Very possible, that samovars of Sevriugin's manufacture also could be made from the same metal. Unfortunately, I don't know any admissible solution of the problems of high-skill repaire of simple or serious breakage of your samovars. It's possible here in Moskow. As a variant of solving this problem - I can make a picture of the broken part of the same samovar (for example: ash-shut of Kach's "DOLPHINS"- and send it to you by E-mail. The same operation is possible in accordance some lost parts of samovars. According your question about "the masters catalogue" I can answer that I have a inexpressive copy of a catalogue of Aleks. Kach's production, but it doesn't contain any description of manufacture's stamps. It has pictures of samovars ( among other goods), its prices and some pieces for samovar complectation - trays, tea-pots, coffe-pots and so on. I can make photos of this catalogue and send it to you by E-mail. But its quality is very very poor. At the end of my extensive letter I'll give you my E-mail:
O.K. I'll be waiting for your reply or next questions.
With best regards,
Yours faithfully,
Yakhin Halit A.

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