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Добавлено Sheldon H Luskin ( on Августа 05, 2004 at 20:49:34:

You have a most beautiful collection!!!

Thank you so much for sharing it with me...

My collection, although it may compare in numbers with yours, it does not always compare in quality or condition.

I have many questions, but for the moment please, sir just two... I have 2 samovars by the Master Alexander Kach...One appears to be identical to your"DOLPHINS"- number 97. The other is similar to 97 in the shape of the body, but appears to be marked differently...It has the "AK" (in an oval but not a shield), the number "18" in an oval, the letters "GP" in an oval and the "Kokoshnik" symbol. Do you know if this item appears in the masters catalogue?? It lacks the finesse and attention to detail as in Dolphins. Incidentally, both of my Kach samovars lack an "ash-shut" and both appear to be silver plated over brass (and not copper).
Also, I have 2 samovars by the Master Sevrugin. One is similar to your "GLADIATOR"S GOBLET" (Number 16, although base, handles, and crane differ fom yours). It bears the Masters hallmark on the crown. The second Sevrugin is completely different, with very elaborate handles but the crane is similar to your GOBLET. The signature on my second Sevrugin is completely different. It appears to be in Russian cursive. (Alas, I can't read Russian). I propose to send you a photo or 2 for your comments.

Thank you again,

By the way, I am an American living in Tampa Florida and would welcome you anytime to view my collection.

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